Step by step

Do not hesitate to contact us over the phone, over email, on social media, or using the contact form below. To outline your legal situation, we listen to you and ask you questions.

Lextera is an easy-to-contact law firm. To achieve the best end results, the
following things are important to keep in mind when contacting us.


In legal matters it is better to act sooner rather than later. We recommend you contact us as soon as a conflict or dispute arises. We are not here to judge, but to help you. By contacting us in time, your chances of an out-of-court settlement are higher and can be done, e.g., through negotiations. It is less expensive to solve conflicts and disputes at an early stage, long before going court is the only remaining alternative. Please contact us in the manner of your choice, and we will return to your questions as soon as possible.

The core

We want to help you as quickly as possible – therefore, please go over the legal problem you need help with in advance. The processing time of your matter is also shorter if you know whether you have a legal expenses insurance. A legal expenses insurance can be part of your home insurance or your business insurance package.

The outline

During our initial free conversation, we listen to you and ask you questions to get a picture of your legal situation. We also make sure we are impartial in your matter. When our impartiality is ascertained, the collaboration between Lextera and you as our customer can begin. The written material and the information you give us serve as the base for Lextera’s overall legal assessment of your situation.

Commission agreement

After we have discussed the overall legal assessment with you, and we both know the measures to be taken, it is time to draw up a commission agreement. The commission agreement defines the objectives of the assignment, the measures to be taken to reach these objectives, as well as the remuneration fee. In other words, the commission agreement constitutes the framework of the legal commission.

Please note that assignment agreements aren’t always made in shorter assignments!

Communication in confidence

You know your situation and we know the law, but to achieve the best end results communication and trust are needed. Having a direct and clear dialogue with you as our customer is essential to us.